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by Margery Wakefield (1991) Abstract: When new individuals are inducted right into Scientology, they are typically told that there is no intrinsic dispute in between Scientology and any religious beliefs, consisting of Christianity. It is typical for Scientologists to be less than honest at the start. By soothing the brand-new person's qualms, they recognize that by the time the individual has actually ended up being totally indoctrinated, these worries will certainly no much longer matter.

As an idea system based on satanic concepts, Scientology is diametrically opposed to Christianity. The truth is that you can not be both a Christian and a Scientologist. Also available in Czech translation. Appendix-- L. Ron Hubbard, Pupil Instruction, OT VIII Collection I The controversial Church of Scientology had its starts in 1950 with the publication of guide Dianetics: The Modern Scientific Research of Mental Health by L.

The new scientific research of Scientology was founded and arranged as a religious beliefs to include this idea. One way or another, a lot of people in Scientology will certainly start to "keep in mind" (visualize) their previous lives. Scientologists do think in reincarnation, which is an occult belief. According to the faith of Scientology, an individual is in fact an unseen entity, similar to the soul in Christianity.

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The idea in Scientology is that we were when godlike, and that we have actually weakened over time. The guarantee of Scientology is that with Scientology therapy, called "bookkeeping," the individual can restore these godlike capacities. A thetan who has actually been restored to a godlike state is recognized in Scientology as an "running thetan," or "OT" (pronounced "oh-tee").

Death in Scientology is understood as "dropping the body." According to Scientology theory, when a person dies, he (the thetan, or spirit) has actually been pre-programmed to "return" to an "implant station" out precede. Scientology. In the implant station, the thetan will certainly have all memories from one of the most recent life time digitally erased, and after that the thetan will certainly be sent back to planet to "choose up a new body," or begin an additional life


He will certainly after that be a "totally free being," able to drop his body and get a brand-new body with full awareness and self-determinism. Scientologists consequently believe that they are extremely old beings, with memories that reach countless years right into the past, which they are inherently never-ceasing, once the impediments to everlasting life-- the engrams-- have been gotten rid of.

An Unbiased View of Scientology

To his fans, L. Ron Hubbard was larger than life. The bios of Hubbard provided within the check over here cult depict the metamorphosis of this legendary male in phases from vibrant natural born player, to adolescent traveler, to endure war hero, to the long-suffering messiah who provided his life for all. Sadly, almost every truth in the cult bios of L.

While the fabulous achievements of this cult guru can have come unedited from among his flamboyant stories, truth realities of his life reveal fairly one more image. Just like the Wizard of Oz, once the curtain was drawn, the fearsome wizard was just an average man. So it was with Hubbard.

Ron Hubbard," the official bio begins, "was birthed in Tilden, Nebraska, on the 13th of March, 1911. His father was Leader Harry Ross Hubbard of the United States Navy. The bio continues: Ron invested his very early childhood years on his grandpa's large cattle ranch in Montana, stated to cover a quarter of the state.

[Corydon, p. 219] The reality is that Hubbard's grandpa was a town vet that did not possess a cattle ranch in Montana. After Hubbard and his moms and dads click this relocated to Helena, Montana, where his father was employed to take care of a regional movie theater, the grandparents soon complied with, got a house on Fifth Avenue, and the grandpa opened the Resources City Coal Company.

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Ron Hubbard discovered the life of a young rancher really pleasurable. When he was six years old, his dad enlisted in the Navy after the begin of Globe Battle I.

By the time he was twelve years old, young Ron Hubbard had read a checked out number big the world's greatest classicsBest and his interest in passion and viewpoint was born. Ron Hubbard had the difference of being the only child in the country to secure an Eagle Precursor badge at the age of twelve years ... Ron Hubbard spent these years journeying through Asia.

Two years later, Ron was signed up in the Woodward Institution for children in Washington, D.C. as a substitute for taking the College Entry Examination. In 1930, Ron was admitted to George Washington College College of Engineering with a major in civil engineering. His grades for the first term varied from an A in Physical Education And Learning, a C in Mechanical Engineering, a D in chemistry, and F's in German and Calculus, gaining him a D standard.

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Later on he would state he had actually been a pupil in the initial program in atomic physics in the nation which he had a Ph. D.-- which he renounced a lot later when it ended up being understood that the degree had actually been acquired from a The golden state diploma mill. Soon Hubbard married and began his job as a struggling sci-fi writer.

In 1941, as the United States was attracted into the 2nd Globe War, Hubbard was figured out to enter into the Navy (Scientology). He composed his very own letter of referral for the armed force: I have understood him for many years and have found him very discreet, faithful, honest and without peer in the art of getting points done additional reading quickly

93] Hubbard's tales of his marine career act as an example of his most shocking fiction writing: Appointed by the United State Navy, Hubbard was purchased to the Philippines at the outbreak of the war and was flown home in the Assistant of the Navy's personal plane as the first U.S.

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95] The fact regarding Hubbard's war career is rather different. Hubbard's very first task in the Navy was a workdesk job in public relations. He quickly asked for a transfer to Navy Knowledge. On his way to this uploading, he so annoyed his exceptional officers that he was sent home, with an access in his record specifying that: This police officer is not acceptable for independent responsibility job.


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